Converse's ‘Forever Chuck’ film is a fever dream of creative rebellion

Converse's ‘Forever Chuck’ film is a fever dream of creative rebellion

After weeks of retracing the evolution of the Chuck Taylor All Star and enlisting an A-list line-up of ambassadors like Millie Bobby Brown to showcase the shoe’s permanence in pop culture, Converse has lifted the lid on the short film Forever Chuck, the final puzzle piece to its star-studded, namesake campaign. Featuring a number of young trailblazers from the music, film and fashion realms – including rappers Vince Staples and Keith Ape, Years & Years’ Olly Alexander, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, model Winnie Harlow, and many others – the two-minute film converges creatives from disparate ends of the artistic spectrum who share their stance as #ForeverChuck.



Directed by Paris-based filmmaker, Karim Huu Do, the film is a feverish cocktail of incoherent images and sound bites, splicing the sounds of Gaika’s manic “3D” with operatic compositions like “Flower Duet” from Lakmé.  While previous videos in the Forever Chuck campaign looked back on the shoe’s rise to pop culture stardom through a series of interviews and retrospectives, the latest short filmshifts its focus to the future – namely, the youth of today. What started as an athletic shoe 100 years ago is now the flag for a scene of creative risk-takers who refuse to bend to conformity.



While its collage-like structure has provoked head-scratching from audiences, the film’s composition and, evidently, its message – Millie Bobby Brown confesses her desire to be “uncomfortable” – suggests that Converse reaches out to those who look beyond the confines of safe or obvious advertising; instead, its iconic Chuck Taylor speaks to wearers from all walks of life, without a clear-cut aesthetic and unafraid to break rules. As with Winnie Harlow’s rise to fame despite her unapologetically natural appearance, and Keith Ape’s refusal to conform to the boundaries of K-Pop, the Chuck Taylor will continue to stand for those who follow their own path.



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Text Trent Davis

Images Converse