ELOHIM by SabrinaGoh Teams Up with Star Wars for Limited Edition Collection

ELOHIM by SabrinaGoh Teams Up with Star Wars for Limited Edition Collection

With the release of each new Star Wars film, you can expect to be inundated with a barrage of fashion collections that are inspired by the galactic saga, spanning everything from graphic tees and sneakers to high-priced accessories – some hot, some not. While such collections traditionally reveal the geekdom of streetwear staples, seeing Star Wars intersect with higher forms of fashion are less common. Therefore, it’s with some surprise (albeit pleasant) to see the franchise splash its interstellar imagery on the threads of Singapore born-and-bred label, Elohim by SabrinaGoh, for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, marking a welcome stride for homegrown designers, and audiences who align with both The Force and elevated womenswear.  



Having previously collaborated with Disney for a monochromatic Minnie Mouse collection, the local women’s label shifts its focus to a more maximal aesthetic to coincide with the epic new instalment in the Star Wars series. Reminiscent of Rodarte’s screen-printed gowns featuring stills from the original trilogy, Elohim’s second joint venture with Disney, titled ‘Equilibrium’ sees Elohim looking to both Light and Dark sides for sartorial inspiration, while exploring the theme of duality.  



10-piece collection’s sinister elements include flowy dresses and capes that prominently feature Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, modeled after the Sith Lord’s own cape – items that’d serve one well when braving a sandstorm on Mos Eisley. Asymmetric dresses and cowls also hark back to galactic arcade games that captivated Star Wars crowds in the ’70s, while the series’ lovable droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, adorn tops and culottes in repeating patterns. Personal favourites of Sabrina Goh, the founder and designer explains, “Their bromance is a pull for me towards the Light side. I think their selflessness and unwavering loyalty towards the humans is what adds to their charm. Ironically, I found the process of developing the Dark side in this collection much easier. I might have a hidden dark side in me.”



Although Goh was a latecomer to the Star Wars universe and was first introduced to the films through George Lucas’ polarising The Phantom Menace, devotees of the label can be thankful to see no homages to Jar Jar Binks within the collection.


From $149.90 to $249.90, available from December 1 at SABRINAGOH Capitol Piazza and online at sabrinagoh.com.


Text Trent Davis

Images SabrinaGoh