Kendrick Lamar Debuts Reebok Classic Leather Lux

Kendrick Lamar Debuts Reebok Classic Leather Lux

From pimping butterflies to the illest kicks, rap sensation Kendrick Lamar has continued his hot collaborative streak with Reebok by unveiling the newest sneaker from his ‘Red and Blue’ collection. Making its debut at the AMAs and the first time to be donned by the rapper himself, the Classic Leather Lux takes the Compton-inspired collection one step further by mixing the titular colours together to form a new footwear classic.



Rooted in the Compton gangland saying, “mixing red and blue makes green”, the olive green tone of the sneaker’s premium leather upper represents, in Lamar’s words, “community growth”, a far cry from the greed that green typically signifies. In contrast to the collection’s previous offerings, the Classic Leather Lux washes out the Crips’ and Bloods’ symbolic colours for the military green shade, with “RED” and “BLUE” still embossed in the heels.



Sneaker freaks and avid collectors in Singapore will be pleased to know that they’ll be treated to a same-as-U.S. release date of Black Friday (i.e. November 25 for anyone and everyone outside of North America). While Black Friday sales are a relatively new phenomenon in Singapore, expect a mad rush for these kicks.



$199, available on November 25 exclusively at The Social Foot, #01-19/20 Orchard Central.


Text Trent Davis

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