Moschino prescribes a controversial new pill-themed collection

Moschino prescribes a controversial new pill-themed collection

Quoted from urban dictionary, ‘take a chill pill’ is basically a line you say to someone who is stressed out. Having a bad day at work? Take a chill pill. The guy you went out with last night isn’t calling you back? Take a chill pill. Feeling zombified by endless assignments? Take a chill pill. Coincidentally – and likely intentionally – we imagine Moschino would say the same thing to its mortified detractors with its latest offering from the runway.



Infamous for ‘mocking’ minimum wage earners at McDonalds through his clothes, presenting a Barbie collection that broke down gender barriers, and a fragrance that juxtaposed a mundane household cleaning product with the “juice” of the luxury brand, creative director Jeremy Scott’s SS17 collection prescribes a new kind of colourful fashion statement, while playing up the “capsule” reference through commonly used drug and medicine graphics featuring your typical instructions for use and contraindications across a range of casual apparel and accessories.



Putting its quirky twist on a well-known anti-drug slogan, T-shirts emblazoned with supersized font that reads “Just Say MoschiNO” and sweaters and dresses adorned with prescription drug packaging graphics make bold, cheeky statements. As with previous collections, the accessories are, once again, attention-grabbing and sure to prompt copycats on the market, including a handbag in the form of typical orange plastic pill bottles, a mini handbag embellished with a blister pack on its exterior, and iPhone covers that plunge you further into your smartphone addiction.



While some perceived this prescription drug-themed collection as playful, it also received its fair share of backlash on social media for allegedly trivialising the pressing issue of drug abuse. But, as we have all come to know, Moschino’s irreverence would be sorely lacking without a good dose of humor through whimsical appliques, logos and slogans. Perhaps the message of ‘taking a chill pill’ serves as both Scott’s muse and appropriate response for those who take life a little too seriously, while continuing to keep the brand’s followers hooked on the fashion drug for seasons to come.


Available at Moschino Paragon and Shoppes By The Bay.


Text Izza Sofia & Trent Davis

Images Moschino