The Life Of Pablo Singapore Pop-Up Prices Revealed

The Life Of Pablo Singapore Pop-Up Prices Revealed

The reach of Kanye West’s message, influence and universal appeal is perhaps no more apparent than when it comes to the fans who’ll sell their grandmother’s socks for a piece of Yeezy merch. As we’ve seen previously in cities like New York and Paris, the controversial rapper cum fashion entrepreneur’s secretive and almost guerilla approach at merchandising has created a flurry of excitement on Singapore’s shores, with yesterday’s surprise announcement that Singapore would be blessed by Yeezy’s unending wisdom and love with a pop-up store stocking the highly sought after The Life Of Pablo collection.



As the only stop in Asia as part of the 21 worldwide temporary pop-up stores launching today, the Suntec City location has unsurprisingly drawn fans, fashionistas and fuccbois alike in hopes of copping a tailored slice of Kanye West history, with some having waited since the wee hours of the morning. Naturally, the queue has now snaked around the side of the building within hours, and a long wait is expected for anyone looking to get in line.



Fittingly, the 12-piece collection adopts the colours of Singapore’s red and white flag, including caps at $50, tees from $60 to $90, crewnecks from $90 to $120, hoodies at $125, and jackets from $325 to $400 a pop, all emblazoned with slogans from their namesake album in the unmistakable Pablo font. Among the collection are items exclusive to Singapore, with limited edition designs that’ll assert your street cred or fetch a high price on the ‘Bay. At those prices, getting your hands on Pablo merch isn't out of reach – provided you can handle the wait. Praise Yeezus!



The Life Of Pablo pop-up store runs from Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 21, from 12pm to 8pm daily at Suntec City Tower 1.


Text Trent Davis

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