5 Ways ASUS’ ZenFone Zoom Helps You Take Better Photos

5 Ways ASUS’ ZenFone Zoom Helps You Take Better Photos

Studies have suggested that in 2017 nearly 80 per cent of all photographs will be taken with smartphones. Chances are, even if you’re savvy with a DSLR, you’ll be snapping a healthy amount of Insta-worthy moments from your trusty mobile device, especially when you choose not to take your camera out with you.



So it’s no surprise that smartphone manufacturers are seeking to bolster the trend by beefing up in-built cameras to get your photos looking tip-top, and none more so than ASUS. Bringing smartphone camera technology to the forefront when users are demanding slimmer devices and better image capture, the ZenFone Zoom manages to do both, while changing the possibilities of what a smartphone camera is capable of as the world’s thinnest smartphone with a camera sporting 3x optical zoom. We look at five ways the ZenFone Zoom can help you get the perfect shot.



1. Go the distance with 3x Optical Zoom

When you swipe your fingers to zoom in on a faraway subject, you’re essentially cropping your picture with digital zoom, and not actually ‘zooming’ in the photography sense of the word. As the name would imply, the ZenFone Zoom does things a little differently, utilising 3x optical zoom with a 28 to 84mm focal length to capture the finer details. But where a camera’s zoom function will normally cause the lens to extend and protrude from its housing, the ZenFone Zoom compacts a 10-element HOYA lens system within its 5mm ultra-slim body – meaning you get camera-grade magnification in a smartphone, minus a big ol’ lens jutting out of your pocket.



2. Blur-free photos with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS)

Whether it’s a DSLR or smartphone camera, you’ll find that the more you zoom in on a subject, the more difficult it becomes to capture it clearly. So to make sure your shots stay steady and sharp with of 3x optical zoom at your fingertips, ASUS has equipped the ZenFone Zoom with in-built Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) to get the most out of its 13MP PixelMaster camera. In addition to eliminating shakes and blur, the ZenFone Zoom’s OIS mechanism provides 16x longer exposure duration for photos with greater clarity, and its 4-stop system allows for stutter-free shots even in low-light environments.



3. Faster focusing with Laser Auto-Focus

You read that right – an actual laser. Equipping the rear camera with an ultra-fast laser auto-focus system able to hone in on your subject in 0.03 seconds, the ZenFone Zoom takes out the frustrating waiting game of getting your composition on-point. Fitted to measure distances with lightning precision even in low-light conditions, the laser auto-focus system even accelerates macro shots by compensating for the extra distance created by the lens. Rest assured that your action shots and blur-inducing nighttime scenes will be captured through near-instant focus and crisp, clear details.



4. Dual-LED Real Tone Flash for naturally vivid night shots

When asking someone to take a quick evening snap of you and your squad, you almost always have to instruct the smartphonographer to turn off the flash. We don't blame you; aside from looking like a deer caught in the headlights, it always seems to wash out the colours of your composition. That’s not an issue with the ZenFone Zoom’s Dual-LED Real Tone Flash function. Equipped with two LED flash components combining yellow and white light, natural illumination and realistic colour production means less time spent on post-processing the colour of your photos with third party apps, and more time capturing stunning photos right from the first shot.



5. Fine-tune your framing with Manual Mode

If the dedicated shutter and record buttons don’t get your photography juices flowing, then Manual Mode certainly will. Putting control back into your hands with the kind of options you’d only expect to see on a DSLR camera, including exposure value, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and manual focus, you can now capture moments the way you intended. With a number of features like extended exposure for light-painting magic, macro focusing down to 5cm, and Super HDR to expand the dynamic range of your shots by up to four times, the ZenFone Zoom’s Super Resolution mode is sure to unleash your creative side by combining four 13MP photos to create a single 52MP image with four times the clarity and colours that pop.


From $659 (2.3GHz/64GB) to $729 (2.5GHz/128GB), available at ASUS Stores and authorised retailers. For more information, visit asus.com/sg.


Text Trent Davis

Images ASUS