Watch any memorable comedy of the last five years and you'll soon see that the protagonist's goal is no longer about getting the girl, but sticking with your buds through good times and (Super)bad. Toasting to the bonds of enduring brotherhood, Chivas Regal invites partygoers to rally their squads to follow ‘Brotocol’ with a night to be remembered at Zouk on November 28.



Don’t let the terminology deceive you – both bros and lady-bros are welcome to enjoy a smooth ride into revelry with Chivas’ iconic 12-year-old Scotch whisky, while taking part in a number of activities to spur on a bit of bromance among the brethren. Keep an eye out for the Chivas Squad making the rounds through the club and show them what it means to be a band of brothers, and you’ll stake your claim for exclusive Chivas merchandise, incluing T-shirts, USB dog-tags, poker cards, and a Chivas 12 Night Magnum bottle by posting a photo of your group love on Instagram with the hashtag #ChivasBrotocol.



Leading up to the Brotocol party, Chivas has collaborated with local YouTube sensations Trev and Benzo of Trevmonki to enlighten viewers on the different ways fellas follow the ‘bro code’. So don’t be a one man wolf pack; assemble your crew to get into Brotocol and always have your bros’ back.


The Chivas Brotocol Party takes place on November 28 at Zouk Singapore. Normal Zouk admission rates apply; for non-members, $28 for ladies, $33 for men (including two drinks). For more information, visit


Text Trent Davis

Images Chivas Singapore