Founded in 1994, DC Shoes is known in the elusive skateboarding and active-wear worlds for its quality, design, and all-round bad*ssness. Its iconic logo has been sported by greats like Rob Dyrdek and Nyjah Huston. DC is now looking to kick-start the careers of future design stars in Southeast Asia through the DC Trase Design Competition, inviting artists and designers of the region to customise the DC Trase shoe. The winner of the competition will have their design produced as part of the 2016 shoe collection, alongside a cool $1500 in cash and a $1500 DC gift pack. Individual country winners and those that master their social media power will also walk away with impressive prize packages.


The judges will certainly have a tough task selecting the 20 designs that make the cut for voting. Of the 839 total entries, here are some of our favourites:



Dexter Tan

This two-toned wood piece makes use of the earthy feel of pinewood, exuding a '60s/'70s vibe when pine covered not just floors, but walls (and hearts) too. This throwback design brings kicks back to when skateboarding had just engulfed the USA and the Z-Boys were kings.



Anah Evans

This piece weaves together a complex, delicate design with the simplicity of light blue, allowing the intricate pattern on the toe to stand out clearly. The light blue used is also reminiscent of the bleached jeans worn by just about anyone (including your mum) in the '80s.




Ykiddiky manipulates a black and white gradient, making for an interesting looking shoe. This updates the classic sneaker design of solid and two-tone colour configurations, marrying two iconic sneaker shades for a peek into the future.




Blitz turns everyone’s favourite fast food friend, Ronald McDonald, into everyone’s favourite Elm Street wanderer, Freddy Krueger. Sending a strong message about the evils of capitalism and the ‘Happy Meal’, this design is a psychedelically horrific look at the food industry. Talk about walking on sunshine.



Ryan Teo

This design is a trip… to Haw Par Villa, that is. Mixing cultural elements with the timelessness of the black sneaker, these shoes scare your socks right off – in a good way, of course. 


If you’re feeling inspired by this selection of cruisers, help the artists take home the grand prize by showing your support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #dctrase. Visit dcshoes.com.sg for more details and upates.


Text Shalom Chalson

Images DC Shoes