Long past the point of a fad and now a feature of everyday life, the selfie is undisputedly here to stay. But whether you’re a compulsive hashtagger, an effortless OOTD fashionista, or a makeup maverick, capturing the moment can get a little tricky without the right tools, even for the seasoned shutterbug – just scroll through the endless out-of-focus, pixelated uploads on Instagram and this becomes all too clear.

Adding a new member to its family of digital cameras, Canon’s PowerShot N2 seeks to solve these quandaries. Sporting a lightweight and portable design, the square-shaped camera starts selfies the right way with a 180-degree tilted screen and 360-degree shutter ring, allowing you to take out the guesswork (and the selfie stick) to capture the best shot from the get-go. And with an array of filters and effects on deck, channeling your creative vision begins before you’ve even thought of a quirky caption.



Better, Faster, Stronger

Pushing the boundaries of portability and design, the PowerShot N2 keeps the familiar form of its predecessor, but manages to throw in a bundle of upgraded features without burdening its compact design. While the original PowerShot N sported an innovative 90-degree tilting touch screen, zoom and shutter ring, 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, and DIGIC 5 Image Processor, Canon beefed things up on all fronts with its successor. Increasing the touch display’s tilt to 180 degrees and combining shutter and zoom functions into one ring with greater sensitivity, the PowerShot N2 also packs a 16.1-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 6 Image Processor – all in a pocket-sized frame weighing only 201 grams. 



Simplified Selfies


Bringing vibrancy and clarity to lacklustre selfies, the camera’s 180-degree tilt screen gives you full view of what’ll go into the shot. With the aid of the upturned LCD display, the hi-res sensor and uncompromised features of the camera capture you at your best – without the unflattering angles or unplanned guests sneaking into the frame. A simple touch of the 360-degree shutter ring captures you in hi-res brilliance, taking out awkward wobbles from reaching for the shutter. Simplifying the selfie ritual further, Self Portrait mode kicks in when the screen is flipped up, applying skin-brightening and smoothing enhancements to add finishing touches that’ll earn some double-taps on the ‘gram.

Despite their seemingly selfish moniker, selfies are meant to be shared. With the inclusion of NFC and Wi-Fi – allowing you to transfer photos directly to your iOS or Android device through the Canon Camera Connect app – sending selfies free onto social media is as easy as taking them.  



Insta-Worthy Innovation


Enhancing your photographic exploits with colour and depth is more or less mandated if you’re looking to rake in followers with snaps that are Insta-worthy. Taking out the time and fuss of switching between numerous apps, the PowerShot N2 houses a range of filters and enhancements with the revamped Creative Shot mode. When shooting in Creative Shot, five different variations of each shot is prepared with a range of colours, crops and tones – from over-exposed and nostalgia-inspiring effects of Retro and Monochrome, to colour-enhancing and distinctive tones with Special and Natural effects – in addition to Fish-eye, Toy Camera, and Miniature effect shooting modes.

And if video is your format of choice, the PowerShot N2 also allows for Creative Shot effects to smarten up your clips, by automatically combining and enriching them with a variety of filters and special effects, including slow and fast motion. Adding vivacity to hand-shot videos, the PowerShot N2’s creative touches may even turn those 15 seconds of fame into a long-term career.


$399 (Pink and White), available at authorised dealers. For more information, visit


Text Trent Davis

Images Canon