So you’ve got your last-minute costume sorted – now where’s the last minute party at? Thankfully, our island has been swept up by haunted happenings this year, and there’s no shortage of parties to ghoulish at. From laidback street parties to spooktacular nightclub extravaganzas, here are the parties you wouldn’t be caught dead missing.



WHAT: Paradise Found
WHERE: The Rabbit Hole
WHO: DJ KFC, Tyler Made
WHEN: October 31, 10:30PM
DESCRIPTION: This Halloween, the garden of good-turned-hood opens its gates to welcome good, evil and all the morally ambivalent in-betweens. Hang with verdant villains, toss a garden gnome and roll those hallowed hips to the vivid beats by DJ KFC and Tyler Made as we herald a gin genesis at The Rabbit Hole.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/151343108545615/



WHAT: Hollywood Labyrinth
WHERE: kyo
WHO: Borrowed Identity, Barker, Man One, Zig Zach, Oliver Osbourne
WHEN: October 31, 10:30PM
DESCRIPTION: Surrender your inhibitions at the door and let our rhythm be your guide as you descend into The Labyrinth; an ethereal trip through different mental and physical states only to emerge enlightened by the aural nirvana that is kyō.



WHAT: After Dark Presents: A Halloween Special
WHERE: Kilo Lounge
WHO: Till Von Sein, Tiago Oudman, Maurice Simon
WHEN: October 31, 10PM
DESCRIPTION: For the first time ever, Kilo Lounge will occupy three floors over two nights for Halloween, bringing the horror and the party to a whole new level.The night has its background in Eastern Javanese legend, where royal courtier Radin Satri Mangkujiwo seeks eternal life and pays for it with acts of incest, the massacre of newborn infants, blood sacrifices of animals, torture, murder, and cruelty on an unimaginable scale. He awakes from this centuries-old oblivion and finds himself in a strange room, with thumping beats emanating from the ceiling...
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/931384650276895/



WHAT: Attica Zombie Wars
WHERE: Attica
WHO: Yenn, Roy Naidu
WHEN: October 31, 10:30PM
DESCRIPTION: Folks, that time of the year is here again! Expect a zombie war to erupt at Attica as Level 1 is transformed into a zombieland full of spooks and surprises at every turn. Resident DJs Yenn and Roy will take centre-stage, with guests encouraged to party hard in their best zombie get-up this year. On Level 2, the party keeps going with DJs Stingray and Spex heating up the dance-floor in true halloweeny style.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/960686470636141/



WHAT: The Witch Hunt
WHO: Zouk Residents
WHEN: October 31, 10PM
DESCRIPTION: She used to have a name but these days, the witch doctor who resides in the swamps of Jiak Kim Street, is just better known as the one with the mane. Once sought for treatment of ailments, something went strangely wrong and she now knows neither kindness nor mercy, turning dark as the Furies! Known to all but seen by few, she hides well, surfacing only when her bloodlust arises. Recently, we’ve even heard piercing cries, for her haunt is being threatened of being destroyed. Unheard for too long, she now speaks, and when she speaks no one forgets. She knows she will be heard, indeed, she will be heard.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1642972262640488/



WHAT: Into The Void
WHERE: Trace
WHO: Tinc, Julian
WHEN: October 31, 10PM
DESCRIPTION: This Halloween, Trace invites you to experience the fear of the unknown and take a step… Into The Void. Presented by Absolut Elyx, be prepared to explore our black box of surprises this 31st October and discover the sensory pleasures of Trace - where only neon lights will guide you to the euphoria that you seek. Together with TINC and JULIAN at the helm of all things aural, we are going to take you through a time warp with an unorthodox Halloween party that goes against the grain; a visual event that challenges your perspective of the unfamiliar and the unchartered territories of fear.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/tracesingapore/?fref=ts



WHAT: Cirque Le Soir
WHO: CÉ LA VI Residents
WHEN: October 31, 9PM
DESCRIPTION: Step right up this Halloween as CÉ LA VI Singapore opens its doors to the unique Cirque Le Soir experience, a decadent A-list nightclub from the heart of London that unites all things freaky and fabulous.Crowned with multiple international accolades including World’s Finest Club at the FashionTV Nightlife Awards and Best Night at the London Club & Bar Awards, get ready for a nightlife experience unlike any other.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/141500506200679/



WHAT: The Black Widow’s Lair
WHO: RAKES Residents
WHEN: October 31, 10PM
DESCRIPTION: Prepare for fear, RAKES, RAVEN and the Courtyard have been swarmed by the elegant and seductive 'Black Widow’.Known for her affectionate side then the devouring of her mate, we take no responsibility for the outcomes of your evening. Go ahead, take a step into her webbed lair, the Black Widows are ready.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1630551750530811/



WHAT: Halloween Street Party
WHERE: KOI Bangers + Izakaya
WHO: Ulysses, Tye West, Haan
WHEN: October 31, 7PM
DESCRIPTION: We’ll be turning our little stretch of Haji Lane into an outdoor party, and taking the beat to the people on the street. Food, drink, dance and DJs till late. No dress code, no cover charge, no worries. Kanpai!
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/998194820204093/



WHAT: Ultra Violence: A Clockwork Orange Halloween Party
WHERE: Canvas Singapore
WHO: Disco Hue, Tropical’s Best, sub:shaman, [.gif], Cashew Chemists, Mr Black, Ginette Chittick
WHEN: October 31, 7:30PM
DESCRIPTION: Please don’t take your bag on the street, come to Canvas instead for tricks and treats! We’re calling all go-ers, so, creep, float or crawl on over to our Clockwork Orange Halloween Party. You’d be ghoulish to miss this party!
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/530258630457510/



WHAT: Tales From The Crib
WHERE: Refuge
WHO: NashD, Titus, Ollie Des, Rattle & MC Mean
WHEN: October 31, 10PM
DESCRIPTION: Fellow Gangstas and Hip Hop Monstas, the time is now. Join the creature camp and take refuge amongst other Gangsta Monstas in our midst, as our crib turns into a crypt of horror for one devilishly dark night of frightful funk, raucous R&B and haunting Hip Hop. Splash out the bling and do your creepy thang under the watchful eye of the Crib Keeper, cos he’ll be selecting the Best Dressed Monsta to pop our bottle prizes.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1049707968407759/



WHAT: Duxton Hell
WHO: SENSORY, Stephen Day, Shane O’Neill
WHEN: October 31, 10PM
DESCRIPTION: We will be raising hell with our first Halloween party, DUXTON HELL. Bottle service with $100 for Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker Red, Gordon's & Pampero Blanco - with all the mixers.Partnering with SENSORY, we'll be transforming MEATliquor into a Halloween inspired den of ghouls and gore with eerie projection mapping, 3D imagery and fiendish beats by Stephen Day and Shane O'Neill. Expect the unexpected as we host games including ‘Smack the Rat’ and MEATliquor’s very own TRICK or MEAT. Best dressed walks away with a prize.
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/413651885507383/