No high-horse riding and shrugs of denial; everyone’s got a soft spot for the art of karaoke. Whether it’s a cathartic platform for you to vent and unshackle your hidden Pavarotti, or a humorous three-hour session where you get to giggle at off-key belters (singing accuracy’s not the point of karaoke; it ain’t Guitar Hero), karaoke has assimilated itself into the channels of pop culture as endearingly as the socially-acquiesced acceptance of a solo shower concert. But almost as significantly, karaoke will not be karaoke without the campy usage of ’70s stock videos featuring mullet-sporting bikers and bikini-clad babes (un)fresh outta B-grade Baywatch. And chances are, though they make you squirm as uncomfortably as the thoughts of your parents on date night, you probably love ’em as much as you hate ’em.


So how about a Karaoke Party without the cheesy choons and distasteful clips? Man, just pass us that mic already!



Harmonising their passion for karaoke with their affection for local music, fashion and film, director/executive producer Lenne Chai and co-producer Ling Ang present Karaoke Party at KEEPERS: Singapore Designer Collective. Through the leisurely hobby, the concept plans to tackle "the perceived lack of diversity of talent in our pool, as well as the perception of the quality of said work," says the organisers. The interactive exhibition runs for 10 days at Orchard Green, where guests can shamelessly (or shyly) show off their pipes, while admiring custom-shot videos showcasing the trendiest in apparel and accessories.


And did we mention it was all local?


No guilty pleasures here, unless you’re guilty of embracing homemade music. “Barbie Girl” and “Dancing Queen” make way for original compositions by an eclectic selection of musicians. These include Syndicate/Lush 99.5FM neo-soul songstress Vanessa Fernandez, pensive singer-songwriter Gentle Bones, reggae-influenced rapper Masia One, wisecracking indie-rockers Stopgap and duet-heavy folk-poppers Enec.e – all providing sing-along symphonies without the humiliation of lyric-flubbing. Thank you subtitles!  



Except, lyrics won’t be the only key features scrolling across the screens. Local lovin’ comes in packages at Karaoke Party, with film characters – cinematography by Ling Ang herself – dolled up in pieces assembled by Singaporean fashion labels. Don’t just watch the singer hogging the mic, keep your eyes peeled for some wardrobe inspiration from streetwear labels such as MASH-UP, Yesah, and Josiah Chua; and ready-to-wear names like PAULINE.NING, styl.myl. and YOUYOU. Models (including former MTV VJ Holly Grabarek) are also adorned with accessories plucked from Saught and By Invite Only, as well as handcrafted trinkets from Teresa Lim of Teeteeheehee, Kllylmrck and more. You'll definitely wanna go shopping after all of this.


Get those warm-ups started, your chance to sing your love for the music and fashion scene is just 'round the corner. 




Karaoke Party turns up the mic from January 16 to January 25, happening at KEEPERS: Singapore Designer Collective’s showcase at Orchard Green. For more information, visit karaokeparty.sg.  


Text Kevin Ho

Images Karaoke Party