We don’t wanna imagine how much damage we’ve already done to our livers. Not to mention the countless head-pounding hangovers and humiliating shenanigans our inebriated alter-egos get up to when unleashed. While it isn’t necessary to have a jubilant time, alcohol has undisputedly become synonymous with club culture. ‘Social lubricant’ or ‘liquid courage’ – call it whatever you want – partygoers commonly get their juice on before jiving on the floor. ’Tis the nature of nightlife…or is it?


What if you messed with the status quo? And we don’t just mean shuffling the party schedule and shifting it to the wee hours of the morning. What if you took booze outta the beats completely (cue gasps of horror)? But really, it’s a concept that isn’t as preposterous as one might think. Morning Gloryville certainly doesn’t think so – nor do 34,000 ravers who have participated in its healthy mission.     



What started out as a social experiment of sorts in London in 2013, the Conscious Clubbing movement has since spread like wildfire across 23 countries. No alcohol, just an abstinent philosophy to party healthily. Participants are even encouraged to go to work immediately after the whimsical workout, as sessions are organised on weekdays before working hours. Having clocked in 319.5 hours and an estimated 4,156,103,925 calories burnt, the Conscious Clubbing movement is one party-changing phenomenon that’s stretching to even greater heights.


We speak to Samantha Moyo – Co-founder of Morning Gloryville and the Conscious Clubbing movement – to find out how she stumbled upon this brilliant notion. Our unhealthy instincts are paying attention.



Hi Samantha! What inspired you to embark on such an initiative? Plenty of hardcore partying in the past?

That's exactly it! My friend and I were partying too much and needed to find a more sustainable and healthy way to socialise. The social spectrum had two extremes: stay home or go all out, so someone needed to create a middle ground. Morning Gloryville is Conscious Clubbing. It bridges the gap between the conscious dance scene and late-night club life. It appeals to absolutely everyone – from old-time ravers to children and families, people who don't drink, people who don't want to or can't be out until the early hours of the morning, and even people who do still go clubbing in the more traditional sense.


Were you sceptical at first when you decided to launch an event that starts so early in the morning, on a weekday just hours before work? We reckon there'd be a sense of inertia to drag your butts to work after such an exhausting work-out.

The first Morning Gloryville was a complete experiment. We had no idea if anyone would come; people thought we were crazy. The thing is, it's so crazy that it actually works! Some people get it straight away, while some are dragged along by friends or driven by a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) after seeing photos on social media. Whatever their motivation, it all makes sense when they get there – in a very simple way like someone just turned on a lightbulb. Why wouldn't we want to start our day with a feel-good party?



What kind of crowds do you get at these parties? Do they actually stick to the no-booze rule?

We've seen just about everyone at our events; from babies to 80 year olds; students to corporate executives; 9-5 office workers; freelance creatives; shift-workers et al. And yes, they're actually sober! Most of our parties are mid-week so we don't have people looking for an after-party. Our guests love the sobriety rule – that's what makes our parties so unique.


And what about the music? Are attendees supposed to dance in any specific way? 

Expect uplifting, energising, feel-good tunes. Tunes that make you move and groove or jump for joy uncontrollably. You can dance however you want. One time we even had a gentleman in his 70s come to one of our events with his own boom box! He set it up at the back of the room and did himself a delightful little Irish jig. Our events are about getting into your body – whatever that means to you.



This is a collaboration between you guys and Zespri Kiwis. You must be a big #healthyeats junkie as well? 

Zespri is ahead of the game, and it understands that being healthy enables us to have more fun; not miss out on it! We're proud to be working with them to host Southeast Asia's first morning party of its kind. #healthyeats is another great initiative that's giving a stage to conscious living. Anyone waving the conscious flag is forward-thinking. It is simply the way of the future.


What is the message you wanna drive home with the Conscious Clubbing movement?

Our mission is to facilitate the expansion of hearts and minds. Morning Gloryville empowers people to realise they can socialise in a conscious and authentic way. It opens a door and exposes people to a new world where they can connect more and think beyond what they once perceived. We want to show people just how magical they are on their own. We celebrate the raw, unaffected and beautiful individual; once we realise just how powerful we are – there's no stopping us!


Just wondering, do you still personally partake in 'not-so'-conscious clubbing these days?

I still attend 'not-so'-conscious events; there are some amazing party offerings and venues out there that I still very much enjoy. But they can only be enjoyed in the conventional sense for so long before it becomes unsustainable. The lifestyle of conventional clubbing is unhealthy and at some point, everyone has to give it up. But so what? Clubbing needs to evolve. It's that simple. Morning Gloryville is more than just a new offering – it's a raveolution.


The Zespri x Morning Gloryville Party rises and shines on June 12 at Kyo, from 6.30am to 9.30am. For more information, visit or



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