Youth Get A Chance To Shine at SHINE Festival 2016

Youth Get A Chance To Shine at SHINE Festival 2016

Vanity had Prince; Marilyn Manson had Trent Reznor; Eminem had Dr. Dre: these are just a few of the pioneering musicians who started out as the protégés of their mentors. While raw talent and determination are ingredients of the recipe for success, having a mentor to sculpt and fine-tune these skills can send a padawan’s musical career into orbit. It is in this spirit that SHINE Festival 2016 and *SCAPE come together with the Talent Development Programme, giving ambitious youngsters a helpful push to get their dreams off the ground.



Honing in on six distinct fields of creative expression – Music, Dance, Pop Culture, Urban Art, Interactive Media and Urban Sports – youth who have signed up for each area of interest have been taken under the wing of industry pros and likeminded creatives to perfect their craft, including hip-hop honcho Shigga Shay, B-boy dance outfit Radikal Forze, and art antagonists Kult3D. As part of completing the programme, successful mentees will be given the chance to strut their stuff during the SHINE Festival weekend from July 1 to 3 through installations, showcases and one-of-a-kind performances, where we may even witness students teaching the teachers.



Before catching the mentees staging up, out and beyond at the talent showcase, catch up on their remarkable journeys by witnessing them in action in SHINE 2016’s video series. If the episodes so far are any indication as to what’s in store, we can’t wait to see what they’ve got come July.



SHINE Festival is organised by the National Youth Council and takes place from July 1 to 3. For more info, visit


Text Trent Davis

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