Brooklyn-based wellness brand Apotheke lands in Singapore

Brooklyn-based wellness brand Apotheke lands in Singapore

Style stop escentials has introduced a new addition to its extensive collection of curated luxury beauty must-haves. Enter Apotheke, a Brooklyn-based brand hoping to stock shelves with the likes of candles, diffusers, and body and skincare products. It’s a label that believes in getting rid of the superfluous, and in exalting durability and standard.



First up on the highlight reel is the charcoal shampoo ($60), which integrates lavender into sandalwood for a floral, paraben-free punch, with a charcoal unit for a heftier attack on muck and grime. For a wholly authentic Apotheke experience, the rosemary mint liquid soap ($55) will have you covered. It’s a fusion of wild mint, rosemary, fig, neroli and tonka, all folded into one another in a fragrant mix, so you’ll be smelling sweet and clean from head-to-toe.



Rejuvenation doesn’t just stop there; it extends to plumping up physical spaces with alluring aromas too. That’s why the brand’s bamboo candle ($80), incorporating white flowers, light moss, white thyme and bamboo leaves that ultimately exude an earthy savour, and its ginger lemon tea reed diffuser ($90) – charmingly citrusy, gorgeously gingery, and humbly herbal – are staples as well. Smell good, feel good.



Available at escentials Paragon.


Text Odette Yiu

Images Apotheke