We’ve all been through the motions: you get a zit, you slab on some chemical-ridden concealer, it gets worse,and the vicious cycle ensues. This was the world Pernilla Rönnberg foresaw her daughters growing up in and it’s exactly what inspired her to establishEstelle & Thild, an organic skincare line using only pure,bio-active ingredients free of toxic synthetics. It’s no surprise that the Swedish skincare lineis becoming ahousehold name, with an extensive selection that ensures everyone’s needs are tailored to.



Developed specifically for sensitive skin, the BioCalm range is jam-packed with hydrating polysaccharides found in oats to help calm easily irritable skin. We all know the areas around the eyes are most vulnerable so if you’re looking to soothe and rejuvenate those worn-out peepers, the ultra-mild BioCalm Soothing Eye Balm ($52) might prove to be the perfect remedy.



Designed to soften, renew and refresh, BioCleanse 3-in-1 Cleansing Foam ($42) is suitable for all skin types and packs in the natural detoxifying powers of Aloe Vera and Black Elderflower to leave you feeling spotless yet adequately moisturised.



If you’re looking for youth in a bottle, we recommend BioDefense Multi-Action Youth Serum ($88). Targeted to combat the first signs of ageing, the BioDefense range is formulated with the goodness of White Tea that restores youthful radiance, and Nordic Superberry Complex which helps reduce oxidative damage and lock in nutrients.



The BioHydrate range aims not only to give your skin the optimal hydration but to lock it in with active Hyaluronic Acid to achieve ultimate radiance. Infused with the richness of Pink Pomelo and Licorice Root to brighten and nourish the skin, the BioHydrate All-In-One Tinted Moisturiser ($76) offers both blemish coverage and proper hydration.



Estelle & Thild has got your back too, literally. Enjoy a luscious bath experience with the Fresh Water Lily Body Wash ($31),as you lather up in the shower with an aromatic bouquet of roses, blackcurrants and peaches, along with ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to leave you feeling utterly invigorated. 


Available at Sephora stores islandwide.


Text Hannah Tang

Images Sephora