Ferrari’s iPhone Fragrance Case keeps you smelling fresh around-the-clock

Ferrari’s iPhone Fragrance Case keeps you smelling fresh around-the-clock

Perfumers and designer fragrances have long conceived creative ways to package their scents, but the novel design of their bottles means that they’re often better left at home than in your bag. However, every once in a while, a perfumer comes up with a concept that marries creativity and convenience seamlessly, and Ferrari puts the pedal to the metal with its latest fragrance-gadget hybrid, the Scuderia Ferrari Fragrance Case.



With a long history of engineering the fastest and most gorgeous machines to hit the Tarmac, the sports car manufacturer brings the same passion for speed and design with its fragrance range. Innovating an iPhone 6/6S case with an in-built 25ml spray compartment to keep you smelling fresh as quick as a 488GTB, the case comes in black and red variants containing Scuderia Ferrari Black and Scuderia Ferrari Red respectively.



Distinct from the luxury brand’s Essence Collection that captures muskier, undisputedly more masculine scents, the Black and Red fragrances for men boast bouquets that centre on citrus top notes and woody bases, with the former having a spicy floral heart and the latter a refreshing floral heart with sandalwood and cedar base notes. You need not worry about any of these smells leaking into your pocket though, as the case’s airtight seal ensures that the liquid never comes into contact with your iPhone or your trouser lining.


$63, available at Ferrari Boutique Marina Bay Sands, Robinsons The Heeren, and Takashimaya Department Store.


Text Trent Davis

Images Ferrari