Ghoul Standard: 6 Creepy Makeup Muses for Halloween

Ghoul Standard: 6 Creepy Makeup Muses for Halloween

The zombie geisha and evil witch looks have been on steady rotation every time October 31 comes around. It’s high time you up your Halloween makeup game and bring the fright night festivities to a whole ‘nother level. Take your cue from these comprehensive YouTube tutorials to get a look that’s a trick and treat at once.


Cracked Doll

by Nicole Skyes

This is what China Girl, from the movie Oz, would look like if she’d taken a tumble after one too many drinks on a party night out. All grown up but still exuding a soft fragility, this look is easy to replicate with your existing arsenal of products – eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, blush and bronzer. All you need is white face paint as a base, and steady hands to trace out ‘crack’ lines. Finish with a bob wig for extra dolly points.



by PinkStylist

Sometimes, we just need a bloodthirsty smiley to convey how we really feel about the world. But if you can’t find it on your emoji keyboard, we say create your own and wear it loud. Inspired by the 2012 psycho thriller Smiley, this sinister emoticon is a challenging look to achieve, but definitely one that would impress. The materials are simple enough – layers of liquid latex and facial tissue smoothed out and accented with black paint and fake blood. Gory knife optional.


Pop Art Girl

by iwanted2see1video

You may not remember the ‘Crying Girl’ from a DC comic strip, but mention Roy Lichtenstein and this look becomes instantly visible in the mind’s eye. A fun and relatively straightforward option that’s sure to get conversations going, all you need to get into character is some patience with the dots and shadows. Finish with a colour-blocked outfit in primary colours to bring this to life, or throw in a bubble caption and props (remember the telephone?) to take it to the next level.


Sugar Skull

by Shonagh Scott

Sugar skulls are pretty not just as Insta-props; they look even better when matched with complimentary hairdos and traditional Mexican dresses. If you find the usual multi-colour variety a little too ‘happy’, go with a single colour on black, like this version, which uses a strong crimson. Besides the standard floral motifs, try a spider web pattern for a fiercer look that’s just in time for Halloween. Complete your get-up with bejeweled accents and striking blooms for a ghoulish yet feminine look.


Space Robot

by autogoy

Whether you’re channeling Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz or simply want to resemble a cold, mechanical monster, this look is a fairly easy one to try. All it requires are eyeshadows in three colours – blue, black and white; black eyeliner, black lipstick and a whole lotta blending. It might take a bit of practice to get the symmetry right, so go easy with a lighter hand to first mark out the areas before actual colouring. For a fiercer look, finish with stick-on accents and special contact lenses.


Ventriloquist Doll


Fats, Chucky, Billy, and most recently, Annabelle – you gotta admit, demonic dolls give us the heebie-jeebies. But who says Halloween is all about the freaks? Do a 180 and ditch the creepy doll look for this cuter option. Modelled after the vintage puppet, this kawaii look is best matched with schoolgirl braids and a pinafore dress. With just a handful of products – eyeliners, falsies, and a lippie, which is also used as a blush – it’s easy to recall your childhood and ‘become’ the very toy you grew up with.


Text Jazmin Kelly Six

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