Kimage Cove concept salon soothes your hair, body and soul

Kimage Cove concept salon soothes your hair, body and soul

Despite the refreshing, renewing feeling one gets when walking out of a hair salon with a new ‘do, the ritual of getting your hair done is often far from meditative – thumping music, blasting blow dryers, and socialising that can take priority over a well-executed cut. Boutique hair salon chain, Kimage, has had over 20 years to refine its formula, and with its 13th and latest salon, it seeks to eliminate all of the above problems with its metropolitan oasis, Kimage Cove.



Touting a 360-degree approach to mind, body and soul (let’s not forget the precious hairs on your head), the salon retreat burrowed in Marina Square aims to let you forget your inner-city surroundings as you dive head-first into a range of experiential zones catered to freeing your follicles. Easing visitors in with the aptly-named area, The Preview, guests are guided through the hair styles and colours best-suited to their individual characteristics, before being led through a naturally lit garden of soothing greenery. While some find comfort in the salon’s emphasis on environmental elements, The Retreat offers creature comforts for customers of all walks of life, providing amenities that include snacks and drinks, sofas, charging points, Wi-Fi connectivity, and magazines for the easily distracted to escape the hustle and bustle and allow the experienced salon staff to work their magic on your scalp.



Of course, there are those who expect nothing but the utmost privacy and expertise when it comes to undergoing a makeover to fit the hair trends of the latest trends. The Suite caters to such individuals, providing an exclusive environment helmed by Kimage’s master stylists. For those open to experimentation and place their trust in the stylists’ currency of up-to-date trends, The Studio serves as an upbeat, experimental space for stylists to flex their techniques and understanding of trends, while The Bunker allows discerning gentleman to walk out with a clean, focused cut that’s suitable for both blow-outs and boardrooms. If you’ve got young’uns in tow, leave the babysitter on standby – The Playground provides an exciting space to keep the tots occupied as you indulge in a little much-deserved “me time”.



Director of Kimage, Monica Tan, says, “Bringing out the best in every customer through personalised hairstyles remains the core of Kimage, but we wanted to create a comfortable space for customers to relax in while doing so. Kimage Cove is an accessible, private oasis that you can escape to, away from a world of emails and spreadsheets”. The only thing left for you to do is set your smartphone on Airplane Mode.  


Kimage Cove is located at #02-321-323 Marina Square. For more info, visit


Text Trent Davis

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