Moschino releases Windex-inspired FRESH fragrance

Moschino releases Windex-inspired FRESH fragrance

Andy Warhol: Social Circus has just wrapped up – but for those who are craving a little more subversive irreverence in the style of Campbell’s Soup Cans, have a whiff of Moschino’s latest fragrance.



Under the helm of creative director Jeremy Scott, the Italian luxury house continues to sustain the late Franco Moschino’s vision and aesthetic that has come to define the brand. Following the head-turning hype of last year’s TOY fragrance, the brand’s latest addition to the Fresh Couture line is an eau de toilette titled – you guessed it – FRESH. But this is what inspires headlines and double takes: Moschino has encased the luxury fragrance in a Windex-inspired window cleaner spray bottle. No joke.

In the tongue-in-cheek bottle is an authentic Moschino-crafted scent – opening with notes of bergamot, mandarin, and ylang ylang, moving to a floral heart with medleys of raspberry, white peony, and osmantus, against a clean but musky base of cedar woord, white patchouli, and ambrox. While the bottle may trick noses into smelling cleaning fluid, the saccharine scent is certainly something you’ll want to keep off your windows.



Like Warhol’s transposition of the banal and commonplace soup can to art, Moschino transposes “a bottle that has no aspirational value” to haute couture, complete with supermodel Linda Evangelista reprising not the sensual, mysterious, and modern woman, but instead a stereotypical ‘50s housewife, adorned in cleaning agent blue, wiping down a window pane. Scott aims to further his ironic and anti-luxury commentary with this new fragrance.

For those of you in love with aesthetic but not keen on the idea of spritzing yourselves window cleaner, Moschino has also released a number of similarly-inspired products from the Fresh Couture collection, including iPhone cases, backpacks, and dresses. And yes, all replete with the kitsch-y blue design.



FRESH has yet to hit our shores, but is available online now in 100ml (US$82), 50ml (US$62) and 30ml (US$45) sizes at


Text Jun Sheng Ng

Images Moschino