Origins harnesses flower power for its new range of face masks

Origins harnesses flower power for its new range of face masks

Origins has learnt a trick or two from the magical essence of floral allure, and is showing it off in its Flower Fusion Hydrating Sheet Masks, made from pure flower extracts, bamboo and natural essential oils blended uniquely to meet every skincare need. Each mask provides radiance, protection and moisture, with a smooth finish, leaving skin feeling clean, fresh and prepared for the day, bare-faced or made up.



First up is Jasmine, which pampers and softens skin while relieving signs of stress, followed by the ever-patient, consistently calming Lavender,with antiseptic elements. There’s also the rejuvenating, uplifting, illuminating Orange Flower, along with Raspberry Flowers, prized for its woody aroma and revitalising properties. Meanwhile, Rose makes use of oil and petals from its namesake flower in a super moisturising formula that also incorporates Vitamin C, which helps with healing, for an ultimately hydrating experience and rosy glow. Finally, Violets makes for the range’s remarkable final statement, as it draws strength from Vitamins A and C, unleashing tons of naturally nourishing properties to smoothen, soften and hydrate the skin. All it takes is 10 blissful minutes.



Available for $5 per sheet, at Sephora stores and online from April 2017, and Origins stores from May 2017.


Text Odette Yiu

Images Origins