The summer sun’s heating things up, and if you fellas want your Grease-inspired hairstyles to stay in shape without melting into a sticky mess, you’re gonna need some heavy-duty assistance to do the job. We’ve racked up five of the newest pomades to hit the shelves that promise to pump up your pomps, jelly rolls, and executive ‘dos. “Tell me more, tell me more,” you say? Well-a, well-a, well-a…



Better Dan by Schmiere

Made in Germany by pomade-o-philes, Rumble 59, this special edition schmiere (that’s German for ‘grease’) delivers the brand’s reputed strength for shaping without turning your locks into concrete. A creamy, medium-hold pomade with a hint of honey fragrance to keep your hair smelling sweet, Better Dan will keep you looking like a better man with relaxed contouring and an effortless aesthetic.

US$30, available at thepanicroom.com.sg.



Imperial Blacktop Pomade

As black as “The Imperial March”, this oil slick pomade will take your hair to the dark side – literally. Jet-black and water-based, Imperial Blacktop enhances dark hair and covers greys with a dark, natural sheen. Offering its wearer the ability to customise the strength of its hold, applying to dry hair offers industrial strength for tight styles, while looser holds are achieved by applying with water or on damp hair. 

$37, available at thepanicroom.com.sg.



Bona Fide “Super” Superior Hold

For bona fide strength, this “Super” Superior Hold pomade keeps stubborn coiffures in check with its thick consistency. Boasting a fresh citrus scent that’ll have some thinking they just opened a jar of jam, the water-based solution steps up its Superior Hold variety by stacking on a bit of extra muscle to keep towering pompadours from crashing down on foreheads, while keeping hair looking slick and healthy with medium shine.

$30, available at thepanicroom.com.sg.



Railcar Supreme Hold

A purveyor of American classics – including handcrafted leather goods and denim jeans – Railcar brings its vintage passion to hair with its Supreme Hold pomade. Packing a firm hold in its water-soluble formula – making it easy to work in and a breeze to wash out – the medium shine pomade exudes a masculine, floral scent that complements a man of modern times with a flair for bringing back tradition.

$34, available at thepanicroom.com.sg.



Murray’s Small Batch 50-50

A leader of holding up timeless styles, Murray’s combines the strength of its Original Pomade with the shine and flexibility of its lanolin-based eXelento Pomade to create a daringly versatile formula. Handmade and produced in small tanks for the utmost excellence, the limited edition batch packs a strong hold to shape demanding styles, while remaining flexible and easy to comb through with a soft, smooth consistency.

$14, available at thepanicroom.com.sg.


Text Trent Davis

Images Various Sources