Being a city (-state) dweller comes with its perks, but it certainly doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Constant hustle and bustle, noise, and overcrowding can overwhelm the senses at our best, and drive us mad at our worst; we’re all deserving of a little pampering from time to time to put our fast-paced lifestyles at ease. Thankfully, Jo Malone London provides a sanctuary in the city for us to do just that.



Stepping into a space of serenity, weary shoppers and wanderers alike can indulge the senses with Jo Malone London’s extensive collection of fragrances and aromatherapy, with a range of scents to suit every personality. Through the boutique’s Fragrance Combining consultation, stylists help visitors concoct bespoke scents in-store based on lifestyles, occasions, and even outfits. Pairing fragrances from a vast selection of complementary notes – from bright, refreshing citrus aromas to warm, earthy compositions – you’re given the opportunity to become your own fragrance mixologist.



While the enticing scents might inspire some calm momentarily, the fragrance leader understands that you can only be soothed so much through the sole sense of smell. Laying on the luxury, Jo Malone London offers complimentary hand and arm massages to visitors at each of its boutiques. Cleansing the skin to lay down a blank canvas, bespoke fragrances may be created through a number of combinations other than the Jo Malone London cologne collections, including Bath Oil-infused hot towels and Bath & Body Wash products to act as primers before applying layered scents and luxurious body crèmes. And if a final spritz doesn’t quite do it for you, stylists offer the option of an all-over Fragrance Shower before you leave the boutique, peppering you in your chosen fragrance combination to keep you on cloud nine as you resume your busy day.



While you may only be looking to gain a glimpse into the world of Jo Malone London as you seek a break from your own, you might find yourself leaving with much more than a fresh new scent.



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Text Trent Davis

Images Jo Malone London