Make-up junkies would know – for a one stop, go-to beauty haven, Sephora’s undoubtedly your best bet. Apart from its well-loved in-house cosmetics line, the French chain has a penchant for sussing out and teaming up with top-notch artists, designers, and fashion outfits, creating marvellous make-up magic. With acclaimed Parisian jewellery designer on board this season, the Shourouk for Sephora line looks all set to capture our hearts (and wallets) the moment it hits stores.  



Nothing exudes opulence quite like some bejewelled conceptions. Bringing her gem expertise and keen eye for sublimity to the table, each Shourouk for Sephora creation is housed in sleek yet majestic containers, melding luxury with fantasy.



Imagine handy makeup brushes adorned with iridescent crystals, exquisite eyeshadow palettes rimmed with pop-glam rhinestones, and nail lacquers fronted with a palatial cluster of sparkles. Armed with her half-baroque, half-vintage leanings, the breathtaking collection – packed with an avalanche of glamour and a dash of divinity – has us reeling in utter delight.



It might be Shourouk’s first foray into the dazzling world of makeup, but that’s not to say the line dispenses subpar offerings. Inspired by the stunning colouration of gemstones, each of the five eyeshadows, four nail polishes, and blush draws its hues from precious stones like amethyst, sapphire and topaz. With just a few strokes, the colour swipes gorgeously on your lips, cheeks and nails, entirely befitting of royalty.



Apart from cosmetics, the line also carries an edgy pouch, a dainty brush, and a striking brooch; perfect for when you feel like radiating some bling on top of your made-up mug.


Available at Sephora stores islandwide. 


Text Sarah Chew

Images Sephora