Happy hour tends to involve meeting Sam, Frasier, Woody and the gang, getting pretty sloshed and then getting knocked out. While that sounds like a whole lot of fun, it also sounds like it isn’t great for the body. If the summer vibes have you longing for a refreshing mojito without the toxins, then The Body Shop’s new Virgin Mojito Body Care Range is your answer.



Just like the good ol’ mojitos downed on escapades in Tijuana, the health-conscious cosmetics line consists of a delightful mix of refreshing mint and tangy, zesty lime. Featuring a scrub, gel, sorbet, butter, and splash to treat us all the way from our heads and shoulders to knees and toes, the invigorating formula delivers a burst of hydration come shower time, as well moistursing your skin with a fresh scent to keep skin soft and supple.



With summer set to light just about everything on fire, showers are likely to be a little more frequent, so we're just in time to stock up on these glorious goodies. And if you simply can't resist the sinful kind, a premium cocktail mixer and ice bucket are also available to mix up a naughty mojito or two and keep the rest of your brew cool.



The Body Shop uses the finest ingredients from all over the world to create products that will both satisfy and deliver. They’re staunchly against animal testing, unfair labour practices, and are 100 per cent vegetarian. So while you put a little lime in the coconut and soak in these delectable concoctions, you can feel really great about yourself too, ya champ.


From $12.90 to $36.90, available at The Body Shop.


Text Shalom Chalson

Images The Body Shop