Gentle Bones enlists Sam Rui, The Steve McQueens and more for “White Noise”

Gentle Bones enlists Sam Rui, The Steve McQueens and more for “White Noise”

Despite being the first Singaporean artist to land a record deal with Universal Music Singapore, Joel Tan – better known by his music moniker, Gentle Bones – hasn’t let his accomplishments inflate his ego. Unlike some who succumb to the belief that they can brave the world on their own, the pop/alt-R&B singer has made it a habit to work with others both within and outside of his musical pursuits, from collaborating with trailblazing local musicians like Linying and Myrne to working with fashion houses like Topman and craftsmen like Bynd Artisan. Now, Tan outdoes himself by assembling an expansive list of collaborators for the freshly pressed single, “White Noise”.



The first single to be released after the iTunes chart-topping EP, Geniuses & Thieves, Tan’s latest composition follows in the EP’s footsteps of combining soulful singing with electronic experimentation. Introducing a smooth lounge jazz element to complement his alt-R&B signature, live instrumentation by The Steve McQueens’ drummer Aaron James Lee, keyboardist NAztykeys (who has worked frequently with Gentle Bones, THELIONCITYBOY, and Sezairi, to name a few), and guitarist/producer Mark John Hariman (who has contributed to artists that include Inch Chua, Caracal and Jaime Wong) coalesces with backing reverse loops and backing vocals by local pop siren Sam Rui.


Text Trent Davis

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