Jasmine Sokko features in new Lucian track, "Close To You"

Jasmine Sokko features in new Lucian track, "Close To You"

As if Singapore’s growing pool of young singers and producers wasn’t already taking hold of the region, the Little Red Dot now takes a bite out of the Big Apple in a collaboration between New York’s Lucian and Singapore’s Jasmine Sokko on the spirited dance track, “Close To You”.



The enigmatic New York producer – whose name you may recognise from his remix of Black Coast’s “TRNDSTTR” – reportedly contacted the Singaporean singer-producer after hearing her solo endeavour “1057”, according to TODAY. Adopting a soft, Julia Stone-like whisper over Lucian’s tropical production, the song has already accumulated over 15,000 listens on SoundCloud within a day of its release. Describing it as “a lyrical manifestation of long distance relationship insecurities with planetary and cosmic references laid over an upbeat track,” Sokko’s symbolism also reflects the production process of the song, where the two worked solely over email to bring it to fruition.


Listen “Close To You feat. Jasmine Sokko” below:



Text Trent Davis

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