Readyset Glo returns for one last technicoloured time at Zouk

Readyset Glo returns for one last technicoloured time at Zouk

While it may still be hard for partygoers to accept Zouk’s relocation from its iconic Jiak Kim residence, the club’s final series of parties before the big move leaves no trace of lamentation. Having recently taken guests back in time to its groundbreaking house roots with Balearic, the DJ Mag-celebrated nightlife powerhouse once again gives revellers and ravers a taste of history, this time a little less far down the timeline, with Readyset Glo.



Before EDM took hold of mainstream music and the electronic community was less concerned with taking militant stances within subgenres, Readyset Glo presented a bi-monthly opportunity for partygoers of all interests to converge on Zouk’s dance floor and soak up genre-crossing tunes from indie, disco and electronica in brilliant colour. At the height of the ’00s ‘electro’ signature when bands like Klaxons had an equal stake in electronic experimentation as others like Digitalism, Readyset Glo’s eclectic night of music also saw facets of fashion and art embraced by the club-going community. Importantly, it was all about fun and letting your personality “glo” – and with acts including The Rapture, Justice, Major Lazer, The Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, and Steve Aoki taking to the stage, it wasn’t hard leaving prejudice and drama at the door.



Reprising its hey day once last time at Jiak Kim Street, Zouk resident Hong will be joined on the decks by the club’s Head of Entertainment, Wayne Lee AKA Wayne The Insane, with a special guest appearance by Zushan and immersive visuals by United Subversive (Crazy Monkey [Saigon] and Quincy [Singapore]). “Readyset Glo was one of those nights I loved coming up with with the team because I think it captured a really fun and fresh time in music and club culture,” explains Tracy Phillips, former Marketing Manager of 10 years. As master of ceremonies for the the special night, Phillips continues, “It's for all the people who called Zouk home once upon a time and for today's club kids who wonder what it used to be like”.



Readyset Glo happens at Zouk on Friday, November 25. For more information, visit


Text Trent Davis

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