Sheeq Luna shows a softer side on debut single “Guts and Glory”

Sheeq Luna shows a softer side on debut single “Guts and Glory”

Though singing has becoming a notable feature in the modern rapper’s repertoire, there are few who manage to belt out melodies as powerfully as they spit rapid-fire rhymes, let alone take the plunge in becoming a bona fide singer. But that’s exactly what Singaporean rapper Sheeq Luna has seemingly done on her debut single, “Guts and Glory”, the first taste of her upcoming EP slated for release later this year.



Having long dabbled in vocal covers on YouTube, the up-and-comer had first established her name in Singapore’s hip-hop scene with a number of features with the .XS Collective, including two stellar appearances on The NVMBR Protocol alongside .XS member Mean. Now, the young artist trades her lyrical swords for a softer touch, delivering sensual vocal acrobatics and adopting an r&b signature to explore vulnerability and triumph of character.

In a statement along with the video’s release, Luna says, “This is a song very close to me. I wrote this to portray that in life, glory comes through having guts to take risks and going through hard times with grace. At times in my life (and I’m sure, for many others as well), I have told people everything will be okay, despite going through difficulties."


Watch the music video for "Guts and Glory", and for Luna's earlier rap work, check out .XS's The Xypher: Session 07.



Text Trent Davis

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