"Bout U" signals new sound for Disco Hue’s VERONICA and THIEVVES

"Bout U" signals new sound for Disco Hue’s VERONICA and THIEVVES

Alt-R&B has undisputedly dominated Singapore’s music scene this year, with the likes of Sam Rui, Ffion and Jasmine Sokko all shying away from the acoustic singer-songwriter formula in favour of slow, spacey R&B-inflected sounds. Before 2016 comes to a close, retrophilic synth pop act Disco Hue’s two vocal emissaries, Sherlyn and Zie, are penning themselves onto the alt-R&B blueprint as VERONICA and THIEVVES respectively, with the new single and music video, “Bout U”.



Anchored in the theme of unrequited love, the moody number follows the slow electronic syncopations, lyrics of longing and corresponding slow-mo visuals that have become commonplace in the subgenre’s signature.  Withdrawing from the upbeat, dance-inducing hallmarks of Disco Hue songs like “I’ll Be Waiting”, “Bout U” trades in catchy hooks for a seemingly more contemplative sonic pursuit, while also serving as a stark departure for Zie’s former productions as THIEVVES, which spanned house, dubstep and downtempo.



Details on a more comprehensive upcoming release are sparse, but at the pace with which Singapore’s young and emerging producers are pushing out new material, we expect to hear again from the duo’s solo ventures soon.


Download “Bout U” for free HERE.


Text Trent Davis