Villes revisit rap metal with THELIONCITYBOY on "The Fear Generation"

Villes revisit rap metal with THELIONCITYBOY on "The Fear Generation"

While the return of nostalgia-inducing music like pop-punk and emo has been welcomed with open arms, rap metal is one of the last genres we’d be expect to hear trying to make a comeback in 2017. Nonetheless, Villes has done just that on the freshly released single “The Fear Generation”, the second from the upcoming full-length, The Cure.



Indulging in simplified, downtuned riffs and the sort of scratching you’d hear on an old Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit record (though not used as a mere one-off novelty, as evidenced by the group’s 2014 single, “City Of Gold”), the song’s message of breaking convention and not being “soldiers of collar” echoes the band’s choice to dabble in heavy metal offshoots that include rap rock, rap metal and nu-metal, all often considered taboo in today’s heavy music landscape. Going all in with a bona fide verse from THELIONCITYBOY, which quickly brings the music video’s Thai disco setting to a roaring celebration, the band’s latest offering suggests that the forthcoming album will be diverse and full of surprises.

In a statement accompanying the release, vocalist Dominic Tan says, “It’s just tiring how people complain about wanting to change up their current situation and also hold themselves back by their own fear of unfamiliarity. This song is a call to arms, and hopes to inspire the listener to take action about it, take a step towards doing something that’ll make you happy. (Or at least stop complaining about it).”



Whether or not it’ll gel with the metal-loving masses, the band has made clear that they’re not at all worried about haters on their first single, “Don’t You Worry” – and, at least in this particular music video, it looks like they're having a hell of a time making music their way.


The Cure drops on April 28 through Shibui Records. Physical, digital and merch pre-order bundles available at


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