App-ly Yourself: Fitness Apps That Make Working Out Fun

App-ly Yourself: Fitness Apps That Make Working Out Fun

Since the last time you gave up on working out and reached for your game controller instead, fitness apps have come a long way. Bridging the gap between exercise and entertainment, the latest virtual aids to hit the app store seem almost, dare we say, fun? If you’ve given up on Pokémon GO, give these apps a whirl so you don’t also give up on getting that six pack.



Zombies, Run!

So you sped through the last season of The Walking Dead – what now? Immerse yourself in an audio adventure and put your survival skills to the test in a race against the zombie apocalypse. With the story-driven missions and unlockable items to progress your fight for survival, each run becomes a thrilling narrative with the undead nipping at your heels. Whether you’re running to the app’s heart-pumping atmospheric soundtrack or your own workout playlist, the blood-curdling sound of zombies behind you is the constant that’ll keep your legs moving.

Free, available for iPhone on the iTunes App Store and Android on Google Play.



7 Minute Superhero Workout

If you’re gonna upgrade your virtual vitals, you may as well work on the real thing while you’re at it. Offering an intensive workout in under seven minutes, the adventure fitness fantasy puts you behind the controls of the AEGIS One battle suit, where every rep and set levels up you suit’s power and weaponry. As Earth’s last line of defence against an alien invasion (nothing too deep for a sweaty workout), punches and crunches are translated into the game through your smartphone’s front-facing camera – making you (almost) a real-life Iron Man.

$4.48 for iPhone on the iTunes App Store, and $4.39 for Android on Google Play.




Sometimes in order to get exercise on the cards, you need to raise the stakes – and this app does it with cold hard cash. Money talks, and if you stick to your word on your fitness and healthy eating goals, both your body and your bank account come out on top with a cash reward. Where does the money come from? Those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Bidder beware: each time you don’t hit the gym or live up to your diet, the only thing that gets a little slimmer is your wallet.

Free, available for iPhone on the iTunes App Store and Android on Google Play.




Burn Your Fat With Me!!

Tinder may exercise your thumbs, but this dating app gets your whole body working. Ok, ‘dating’ may be a bit of a stretch, but who’s judging? If a virtual anime lass is the kind of motivational aid you need to get those abs poppin’, then power to ya. Pick your romantic partner and get to work on impressing her with the number of sets you can get through – she’ll lovingly count you down to the very last crunch. The school uniforms do make it creepy though…

$2.98 for iPhone on the iTunes App Store, and $2.99 for Android on Google Play.



The Walk

Placing you at the centre of a blockbuster thriller, the story is off with a rollicking start when a bomb explodes in a train station. Caught in a web of espionage with the police and enemy agents on your tail, the only way to save yourself is by walking the length of the UK with a mysterious package in tow. Created with the help of the UK’s health authorities, the app customises difficulty based on your individual level of fitness – but even the laziest oaf will be lacing up their joggers to hear how the story unravels.

$4.48 for iPhone on the iTunes App Store and $4.39 for Android on Google Play.



BattleSuit Runner Fitness

Similar to 7 Minute Superhero Workout in its story and suit-based format, this one’s all about cardio, in which battles unfold based on the speed of your step. PlSet to your handpicked playlist (180 BPM if you’re sporting supreme hustle), run into the fight guns blazing with a mechanised suit, armed with a war chest of weapons to take out your insectoid enemies. The best part of this sci-fi role-player is that the decisions you make will affect the outcome of the story – so for the sake of humanity, don’t slow down!

$4.22, available for Android on Google Play.




The precursor to Pokémon GO, this global strategy game turns your neighbourhood into a virtual battleground, making every movement a campaign to claim terrain. Forced to choose between two sides of a territorial battle, the game connects you to fellow comrades and sets you off on an expedition to defend your land and invade that of your enemy. Peppering your locale with clues and codes to unlock chapters of its story, not only will it change the way you think about going for your daily walk, it’ll undoubtedly lead to the discovery of places you never knew existed.

Free, available for iPhone on the iTunes App Store and Android on Google Play.


Text Trent Davis

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