Snapshots of Heritage shines a light on local photographers

Snapshots of Heritage shines a light on local photographers

With National Day coming fast around the corner, we once again turn our attention to the little things that make our little island unique. In a rapidly evolving and gentrified nation that expands quicker than we can sometimes comprehend, such exercises in appreciating the simple pleasures that define our national identity are impossible without looking to heritage and reflecting on how it has shaped our lives so far, and how it will continue to shape our future. 

Documenting glimmers of nostalgia, sources of pride, and moments of sentimentality, Capitol Piazza teams up with photography consortium Shutter Journey Singapore for Snapshots of Heritage, a photo competition and exhibition that seeks to highlight the multifarious threads that come together to form Singapore’s national fabric.


Image by Ong Yi Chao


Image by Trisha Lim


Having previously invited photographers of all disciplines and calibers to submit original works that revolve around the themes of heritage and the things we cherish, 100 selected entries were handpicked to be exhibited at Capitol Piazza’s Outdoor Plaza. Among the entries selected for display, visitors are presented with a number of different perspectives on what photographers felt was worth immortalising in representing Singapore’s unique heritage.


Image by Suhaimi Abdullah


Image by Allan Abarra Espolong


From architectural photography that showcases our island’s manmade marvels to candid snapshots of cultural rituals, the exhibition serves as both a platform for budding talent and a reminder for the kinds of things we will be celebrating come Singapore’s 51st birthday.


Snapshots of Heritage runs until August 11 from 10:30am to 10:30pm daily at Capitol Piazza.


Text Trent Davis

Images courtesy of Capitol Piazza