Supermama immortalises Star Wars icons in limited porcelain series

Supermama immortalises Star Wars icons in limited porcelain series

With the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fast approaching, the public’s collective Force fever even has casual Star Wars fans jumping at the opportunity to boast their love for the galactic tale. But if you’d rather not let that love dictate your wardrobe through this year’s apparel and sneaker collabs, perhaps Singaporean gallery shop Supermama’s take on the sci-fi classic will appeal to your refined sensibilities, while allowing you to dine with the elegance of Queen Amidala.



A purveyor of local art that has worked in collaboration with the likes of Mojoko and the Organisation of Illustrators Council Singapore (OIC), Supermama’s latest collection of Heirloom porcelain decorative plates sees familiar icons from the Star Wars franchise adorned with Peranakan-inspired motifs. Bringing together characters from both the light and dark sides, the porcelain canvases present all in the timeless colour scheme of indigo blue and white.



Comprising six distinct designs that make up a mere 300 units for its limited first edition run, each 15cm plate is packed in a special collaborative box, and can be mounted on a plate stand ($2.50) or even used at mealtime if you like the idea of Yoda peeking through your noodles.



$42 each, available at


Text Trent Davis

Images Supermama